Tuesday, October 21, 2014


My dad is sick. 

His diagnosis came mid September.  Adenocarcinoma.  We were praying for lymphoma.  Have you ever prayed that your dad would have lymphoma?  I never thought I would.  But that one is treatable.

He went from healthy to not in a matter of weeks. 

I keep telling God, "Please.  You have to show up big."

And He does.

My dad isn't scared.  "You can't scare me with Heaven."  He's been telling everyone.  I've been telling everyone.

My mom is his constant companion.  She's not scared either.  The worst thing that can happen is also the best thing that can happen.

My sisters and I spend most of our time at his feet.  Rubbing his feet.  He likes that.  We do, too.

We're kind of wrecked.  He's pretty much the best dad, ever. 



Sara Paddags said...

Katie-My heart is breaking for you & your family at the same time that I am rejoicing in His Blessed Assurance that you all so clearly share. May you continue to feel God holding you all so very close. XOXO Sara P.

Merrie Sue Holtan said...

In my thoughts. What a journey.

Carolyn Lichty said...

Katie, went to church and lit a candle for you...your father and your family. Praying it will give you the peace and strength to be there for them at this time. Speaking from personal experience you will never regret these days...and lasting memories will be there for you always. God Bless!

agravette said...

I'm praying for you...may God bless you and your family through this bittersweet time...

agravette said...

I just wanted to check on you and your family...I'm praying for you.

Unknown said...

Agravette, your prayers are so appreciated. My dad's battle is over, but we're standing on the promises that he is with Jesus, and we'll see him again one day.

Carolyn, you are such a blessing. Thank you so much for everything!

Sara and Merrie Sue, thank you for your notes. It feels nice to have community.