Thursday, January 25, 2007

A day in the life

Lunches with Daddy, check. Coffee and Play at "the Thomas store," check, check.

Today, we will venture to the library, a wonderful structure...a Carnegie Library, thoughtfully placed on the banks of a small lake. A fireplace, comfy chairs, and a fantastic view encourage many a reader to linger...although none of those readers have two children in tow. So while I've been beckoned, I've yet to enjoy that cozy reading corner. I have, however, had every opportunity to utilize the fire engine benches and the puppet show theater. (Which I am sure are far superior to the fireplace-comfy chairs-view, anyhow.)

In the past few days, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching my kids imaginations grow. We have amassed a small metropolis with paper inhabitants. Paper moms, dads, sisters, brothers, babies, cats, dogs, furniture and a dinosaur. I never knew the fun one could have with a package of construction paper and a scissor!

Off to enjoy another day. Learning, exploring, imagining, creating, playing, goofing, snuggling..this is bliss!

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