Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Yo-yo Addiction

I'm hooked. I started making some fabric yo-yos last week...and I cannot stop. I adorned a wreath for my front door. I swagged a window. Right now, I'm sewing half a million jewel pastel yo-yos for Little Miss's room. How-where-why, (?) draping the windows, sewn to some pillows, in a frame, on a train, in a plane, in a box and on some sox, here and there and everywhere. I cannot stop.

Pictures to follow soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seventy Degrees

It was just over seventy degrees here today. Ahhhhhh. It was heavenly! After church we played outside for 2 hours. The kids had a blast on the swing set, and dug several "rabbit holes" in the sandbox.

I grabbed a rake to remove the top dressing from the flower beds. It's so exciting to see the perennials starting to grow. It was all I could do not to grab some seeds and start planting today. I'm sure that the warm weather isn't here to stay just yet.

Somehow, I'm encouraged to know that we'll have many more days like that...very soon. Very soon.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


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I'm not sure what these will end up as...but I am one step closer to making them into *something*.

I'm trying to come up with something fantastic - which is a lot of pressure for a few (albeit, wonderful) scraps of fabric. It hasn't told me what it wants to be just yet. I love Heather Bailey's Yo-Yo garland. Maybe it wants to be a celebratory decoration? Maybe it wants to be a doll? Or a doll quilt?

Any brilliant thoughts?

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tea time

I was hoping to take a little "me time" this afternoon. A date with my favorite author. A nice cup of tea. Sleeping babes.

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But the babes didn't stay sleeping long enough for that dream to come true. My reality rarely fits my fantasy. Ah well. I'm sure Jane will take a rain check. Perhaps this evening will prove to be a better time for me.

Serenity now.....

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Paper, paper, paper

I have been sitting here, cooped up in my house for the last few weeks. (Not literally, I've gotten out several times, but am feeling rather dramatic today.) And, have been hearing of all these lovely home projects that friends and family are diving into. I was not in the game. There wasn't anything for me to do. The creative juices were flowing, but I had no where to direct them. Until...

We did some organizing in our basement, and I happened upon a box of wallpaper that I had forgotten about. Voila! Home projects here I come!!

I had just enough of a neutral natural stripe to paper the wall at the top of the stairs. I love it. It added just enough jazz to the hall. Not too much, not over-the-top, just enough. Like a nice pair of earrings....not like a nice pair of earrings and 4 great necklaces and 6 fun bracelets and all the rings from my jewelry box. (*disclaimer* Over bejeweling certainly has it's place, just not a the top of my staircase.)

I was also pumped to discover this wonderful gnarled magnolia branch patterned paper that works perfectly in the bath. I'm nearly finished papering it, and can't wait to rethink the decorative elements to top it all off.

I'd better go and finish before my husband comes home from work. He just loves to be surprised by these things. At least, I think he should love to be surprised by these things.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Snowy Day

...or, Several Snowy Days. We've been blanketed. We are living in Winter Wonderland. There are few canned goods in WW. It's beautiful here, but the population is getting a bit cranky. It seems we've caught a few bad cases of cabin fever.

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I saw an opportunity for some outdoor exercise this morning. After sizing up the drifts in our driveway, I turned on a movie for the kids, laid a blanket atop of my napping Knight in Shining Armor, bundled myself up and clomped outside.

There were several thigh-high drifts, which required more muscle than I'm made of to break through. I left those alone and scraped off the snow valleys, pushing a nice clear patch behind my car. Feeling pride in my accomplishment, I made a small walkway that would certainly please our Mail Carrier.

My body was getting a little worn out, but I was feeling so great...think of how much work I was saving my husband! He would be so pleased with me as well. However, the noise I was making scraping off the front steps woke him from his cat nap, and he RUSHED out to rescue me. He was aghast that I was shoveling, and was even more upset that our neighbor was working his way across our front walk with his snow blower. In my mind, said neighbor was doing us a kind-neighborly deed...while in my husband's mind, our neighbor saw a woman shoveling and was coming to the rescue himself. (We are wired so differently)

It all ended well. I got to enjoy sitting on a cleared front step and watching as my Knight shoveled through those huge drifts and cleared the remainder of the drive. My hero. :)