Sunday, May 27, 2007

Silly things

I was remembering the other day some of the silly things I used to do when I was little. While I find my children's nuances are adorable, I am a bit less kind when remembering my own childhood quirks.

My sisters were cut from the same (sometimes dorky) cloth. The epitome of our dorkiness came while driving in any city with tall buildings. My father has a terrible fear of heights. With this bit of information, and the spirit of one-up-manship, we would be on the look out for the tallest of buildings.

Oooooh! There's a tall one, "Hey, Daddy! How would you like to jump off of that building?"

With exaggerated trepidation, "Oh, no. I would not like to jump off of that building. Waaaaaay too scary."

Then someone else would spy another tall building, and this conversation would play out over, and over, and over again.

I am so glad my children only ever ask, "How much farther?"

Am I the only one that was a bit dorkish as a child?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The time has come for my driver's license renewal. In years past, I have been forced to show an unflattering photo of myself *far too often* to a complete stranger. The horror.

Every time I renew, I think, "Try and smile, look thin, but natural, happy, but casual...and innocent." I had one nice DL photo, but it was only for a short while after I got married, and I needed to renew it only a few months later. BUT! The picture was good. I liked showing that one. And of course, because I had just wed, I was thin, and didn't need to lie down my weight. ;)

I am sitting here planning my outfit, my hair style, while practicing a natural smile. Not too big. Not to wrinkling.

Now about the weight; Can you just put the number you are hoping to weigh sometime in the 4 years you'll have the card? Or what you used to weigh when you were 12? Or your weight minus appendages?

Monday, May 21, 2007


Today, we are back in to our old routine after several days of leisure. It's just as fun to come back home as it is to leave in the first place.

My garden is making some serious headway...I'll post pictures of that soon. My flowers really missed me. Thankfully, they all survived my absence.