Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's been so nice having my teacher husband home for Christmas break. Yesterday, we puttered around the house all morning. By afternoon, the kids were spiking dangerously high cabin-fevers.

Once everyone was bundled into their snow gear, we packed up the sled and went to The Hill.

My husband had suggested I go and grab a coffee to sip while waiting in the car with the sleeping wee babe. So I did. He had to twist my arm pretty hard. Because I only *kinda* like coffee.


I also grabbed a book to read while I waited. In case I got bored. What was I thinking? Getting bored while watching my kids {stare death in the face} race down the big hill?! I had the best time watching them go down and then scramble to make it to the top of the hill again....slipping and tripping all the way. They would alternate going down all together...daddy in the back, steering like a mad man. The two big kids together. The big kids alone.

When they had had enough, they made their way back to the car with big smiles and pink cheeks.

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

random today

Today, I got to go to the store. ALL BY MYSELF. Alone. (There were other people in the store, it wasn't 4 am or anything.) But I was not with anyone personally. My children were home. With daddy. And! I only received one phone call! One EMERGENCY call. From my girl. About paper. About what kind of paper would be okay to use with a wiggly headed pen.


At first I wandered the aisles just enjoying the atmosphere. The muzak. The freedom.

And then, I started making new year's resolutions. About fiber. About adding more fiber into my family's diet. My husband is going to be SO thrilled to hear this important new development. I took my time reading labels, and filled my cart with all sorts of wonderful beans. Black beans! Refried beans! Kidney beans! Chili style beans! Ay, caramba! I also loaded up on ground flax seed, to sprinkle into everything I make. And, I bought some toilet paper. You know, for after the beans and flax seed.


Then! I started thinking about new things. Trying new things. Getting my family to try new things. Getting my family to try new things without them knowing they are trying new things. (See ground flax seed above)

In the spirit of trying new things, I bought this:

It is not delicious.

I'm hoping to fare better with other new things.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Let the record state....

....that "letting your wife sleep in" does not mean you bring the baby to bed, place him between you, and coo back and forth for a half hour---while every now and again said baby tries to nurse from the back of his mama's head.

Just sayin'.

And Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

snow day

We're enjoying an unexpected day off. The snow has been angeled. The crockpot has been souped. The living room has been Come-On-Ring-Those-Bells-ed.

My littlest is asleep in the swing, while my biggests are completing circuits and playing with assorted motors, gears, wires, and batteries with my super hero.

I'm eating the baklava and toffee that was supposed to be taken to parties that have been cancelled. It's a good day. A good good good good day.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the Nativity

My daughter has been in charge of setting up the Nativity each year at Christmas.

After which, she is in charge of playing with the Nativity until it's time to put away.

Playing with the Nativity is one of my favorite memories of being little at Christmastime. So when my girl first wanted to play with these figures a few years ago, I begrudgingly relented. These were a special gift from some special friends. I really like them. A lot. Really a lot.
And I knew what could happen if I let her play with them.
This could happen:

The sheep has suffered a leg fracture.

Both of the donkey's ears have been broken off. More than once.

One of the wise men has broken his gift....

....and lost his head. More than once.
But, it's been worth it. These are just things. Special things. But things. I can replace them.
I can't replace the memories that my {even special-er} little girl has made - by being allowed to play with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. The Story comes alive. Which makes it completely, totally, and wonderfully worth it.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I often wondered just how math would fit into my daily life when I was little and forced to endure the subject until 10th grade. My mind is wired to enjoy learning only about the things that matter. To me.

Frankly, I never cared how long it would take for train A travelling at 50 mph to reach Syracuse if it had to stop in Toledo for 20 minutes on Thursday at 8pm. Mind you, I might be inclined to figure it out if I were waiting in Syracuse at the depot and train A was delivering me a caramel latte. Personal relevance.

I was in the grocery store this morning. Today was one of those days that makes me wish I would have paid more attention.

If a megaroll of toilet paper equals 4 regular rolls, and a pack of mega rolls contains 6 rolls and costs $7.49, while a 12 pack of double rolls is $6.37 - but they aren't quilted, and package of 12 single Basic rolls is $4.99, however the triple rolls are no longer available, and the store brand of doubles is quilted but not on sale.....which package should I buy?

My mind started to hurt right there in the aisle.

And I bought the mega rolls. But only because I don't have to change the roll as often.

So there, Mr. Taylor.

Friday, December 12, 2008

a "held baby" lacks motivation

That's what my daughter's doctor told me when she was around 6 months old. I think she was encouraging me to put her down a little more often, but her words had the opposite affect on me.

I'm a baby holder. I LOVE to hold my babies. And rock them, and sniff them, and sing them little songs.

And if holding them keeps them from finding the motivation to crawl, or roll, or walk, or get older, or become independent, well, then, you had better believe that I'm going to keep on holding on.

It didn't work with the other two. Neither had any problems mobilizing. Am I deterred? Ha! I don't give up quite that easily.

In fact, I might just keep this one in a papoose until Kindergarten. Do you think he would be teased if I dropped him off in a back carrier?


Monday, December 8, 2008

different reality

You know, I used to have all these notions about what my life would be like. I had a plan for the way my twenties would unfold, and the way my thirties would follow.

My reality is totally different than that. Completely. In every way.

This morning I conversed with a room full of mommies about our children and the habits of their bowels. Over coffee.

Now, I'm baking bread, and eating truffles. With more coffee. (I don't like bon-bons.) (It's decaf.)

And, believe it or not, this all feels so right.

Who knew?

For real.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The bear went over the mountain.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

*something catchy about the horse leaving*

I'm trying to come up with some clever way to announce the departure of the Trojan horse that ruined my hours upon hours of computer time last week. Leaving me unable to check my bank statement every fifteen minutes.....nearly silencing my out going email, and halting almost all the other very important things I do while I'm online....unfortunately, it's a Sunday. And I can't think cleverly on any day that ends in "day."

At any rate, he's gone. It's gone. My computer is clean and fresh and shiny and new. And I am able to check my bank statement, send emails and all the other important things I do while spending quality face time with this screen.

But, you know what that sneaky horse gave me? A little gift. Extra time. Who knew there could be so much extra time?

Not I.

Until last week. When I was rendered silent. And I liked it. I found I really like to sit and snuggle my wee babe and look at the tree. And drink coffee. And eat Hershey's Bliss Creme de Menthe Meltaways.

So what's that saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth?

If I could look my gift horse in the mouth, I would give him one of these.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My computer has a horse

A Trojan Horse. I've always wanted a pony. Never a horse. And certainly not a Trojan Horse.

Thank God for brother-in-laws that know how to rip apart a computer....and put them back together again.

Am waiting for the fresh new model. So it might be a little quiet over here for a few days.

The moral of this story is: when you wish for an animal, please be as specific as possible.