Friday, May 27, 2011

oh the humanity!

My son had a dentist appointment on Monday.  A funny thing happened.  And by funny, I mean crappy. 

A friend watched my other kids for me, so it was just me and my boy.  He isn't ready to "go back" alone to the chair, so I assumed my position in the corner of the exam room.  I love this dental office.  The hygienists are all wonderful, as are the assistants...and I normally really like our dentist.  HOWEVER!  Monday, when the dentist came in to drill out my boy's cavities, after greeting him he asked how I was feeling. 

I told him I was feeling just fine.  And thought, hmmm?  That's a goofy question to ask.  Usually people ask, "How are you?" but not, "How are you feeling?" right?  Not that it's a big deal to ask how someone is just seemed out of  context.  But whatever.  I was feeling fine, and it was kind of him to ask. 

Then he asked if I wanted a chair.  Another kind inquiry.  I was totally fine to be standing.  Another chair sort of hogs up a lot of room in that little space, and I really didn't mind, so I said I would be just fine standing. 

"We like to take care of mamas," he explained.
And his assistant died a little death in her chair.  She was reading his mind. 

When everything was finished and the dentist prepared to take his leave he looked at me and said, "Enjoy the second half of baby!"  Which was when his assistant presented my son with the prize box with way too much enthusiasm and grandeur in a pay-no-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-curtain sort of way.

The next day I got an email survey from the dental office and was tempted to write "don't assume anyone wearing a tunic and not sucking in their stomach is pregnant" as a suggestion on how they could serve me better.

Then I ate a piece of cake.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

slow down you move too fast

It's been a little while.
I had a bit of a computer virus last week. The week before? I don't remember. I was forced to go a lot of days without this connection to the outside world. It was a lonely time, friends. A lonely time. My husband has been busy with school and baseball. And writing papers. So it's been me and the kids and the kids and me many a night in May. Good times.
Since then, my eeny tiny baby girl, turned nine.
That is half way to eighteen.
Fifteen minutes ago she looked like this:
Look at those eyes. My goodness. I didn't know my capacity to love until I had her. And once she was born and looked at me with those eyes, my insides turned all squishy and I began to say things like, "honeysugarpumpkinbutternoodleumpkins." Love trumps grammar and proper words.
I became so very aware of time. And how quickly it passes. Do you know how many times I've written about that? I don't either. But it's a lot of times. Because it's all I think about.
I've had three more babies since she was born. Three boys. They're wonderful. You just have no idea. These boys and this girl. My heart is so full.