Saturday, September 29, 2007

The sky

It's very overcast today. So beautiful.

The clouds are absolutely breathtaking.

Like waves. I want to jump right in.

Wouldn't the color of the sky here be the perfect hue for a bedroom. Moody and dreamy.

I'm really not into Halloween-creepy, but I'm loving whatever is going on with this walnut tree...against the grey sky...not the creepies...more...meloncholy or some such drama.
I must go make some tea. I'm thinking chai would be perfect on a day like today. Vanilla.
Mmmmm, yes. Vanilla.


betty r said...

I love the different colors of the much variety in God's handiwork!

nichelle said...

beautiful! i love gloomy days like this...and yes, the bedroom would be beautiful in that color...with the painting "master bedroom" on the wall..