Friday, April 17, 2009

I had a dream....

...that the empty house across the street would be purchased by a lovely Hispanic family.

In my dream, this lovely family would have had an equally lovely stay at home mom. And I would have welcomed her to the neighborhood with a fresh warm loaf of banana bread with chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

Then, the lovely stay at home mom would return the favor with a dish of we're-so-glad-to-have-such-friendly-neighbors-chile-rellenos. Every Tuesday morning, she would come over for coffee, while her children (the exact same age as mine!) would play in the back yard.

On Wednesday evenings, she would bring over hot tamales (because she knows I love them) and on Thursdays, I would bring them lasagna.

Alas, this dream will go unfulfilled. The house sold. And it doesn't look like any of the newbies know how to make a chile relleno.

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nonna said...

They still might got for the banana bread & lazagna - maybe they know how to make real Italian pizza or Swedish meatballs?! Could still be a good deal = ]