Monday, March 1, 2010


I walked to the corner of the kitchen to throw away a Kleenex. The garbage was stacked to capacity. It's a game we aren't purposely playing....if you can stick a piece of garbage into the bin without toppling the contents, you don't have to change the bag and take out the trash. Sort of like Jenga.

I lifted out the old bag, tied it and stepped outside to place it in the big garbage bin. I wasn't wearing a coat. Nor shoes. But I wasn't freezing.

There were birds singing.

I listened carefully.

And I could hear it.


Not too far away.


Nonna said...

Bring on the warm sunshine and the lovely birds singing....I am readier than ever : )

redeemed diva said...

I love that game!

Visty said...

yes, the birds!!

poppa said...

come little spring, come...
please come

Sally Norton said...

without all the water!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!NOAH way to I want to play that game again!!