Friday, April 30, 2010

sunrise, sunset

Seven years ago tomorrow, I cried. The ugly cry. In bed. At night. And couldn't sleep.

Because eight years ago on Sunday, I gave birth to my baby girl.

Seven years ago on Sunday, that baby girl was turning one. And I couldn't handle it. The year had flown SO quickly. Like a snap. And my teeny tiny baby wasn't a teeny tiny baby anymore. And never would be again. I could FEEL the time slipping away.

And here we sit, on the cusp of the day marking eight years since her birth. And I'm doing the ugly cry. Because I can still FEEL the time slipping away. Like less than a snap.

How can it be?

I wish I could slow things down a little bit. I want to enjoy this more before it's too late. Next week she'll be graduating high school. Next month, walking down the aisle.


LocustSt said...

i. hear. you. it doesn't take a birthday. it just takes the right thought mixed with the right hormonal balance and away we go.

LocustSt said...

you've done a lovely job raising your children by the way. She is a gem.

the lady of the house said...

I can totally relate - I've never really said it or blogged about it because I'm not in the business of telling God what he has done wrong... but honestly! I think these babes do grow up too fast and between that and creating chocolate (my addiction) Those are two things that maybe God should of thought about a little more :) Happy Hugs to you and Sparkly Candles to your girl! Enjoy your days - The Lady of the House