Thursday, July 22, 2010


We've done some short trips in the past few weeks. I'm wiped out. The last few days have been peppered with slight tummy-aches for nearly everyone in our family.

I was tired before all of that, but now, now I feel like I could take a nap at the drop of a hat.

My mind is the only thing running in high gear. I've got a list of things I need to accomplish before baby no. 4 joins the ranks.

1. I (we) ((I)) need to name this baby.

2. Paint my bedroom.

3. Clear out a dresser for the baby's clothes.

4. Wash up the baby's clothes.

5. Make shutters for the big kids playhouse.

6. Paint the bathroom. (And rip down the wallpaper?)

7. Clean the basement.

8. Sort through my clothes.

9. Sort through the big kids clothes.

10. Figure out how to go into labor on my own.

11. Stop eating peanut M&Ms.

12. Wash the windows.

13. Give away 1/2 of our toys.

14. Find all the baby gear.

15. And clean it.

16. Take more naps.

17. Sew curtains.


Anonymous said...

Katie one thing at a time. I'm a list maker too but it can be overwhelming. Let me know if I can keep big kids entertained while you work. Let me know if we need a girls coffee break to discuss baby names too. :) I need to do more cleaning/sorting too maybe we can motivate one another.

Laura said...

oops- that last comment was from Laura Eyre

Brambleberry said...

Thank you, Laura! I'll let you know....we probably do need a coffee break to discuss names. And motivation. :)