Friday, August 13, 2010

and today,

I've been dwelling on the fact that in a few short weeks, this baby will come out.

And I remember REALLY WELL what that feels like.

It feels like I want to die. But, you know, only for about 10 hours.

I'm really going to try and get him out myself this time. No pitocin. Pitocin is from the devil. And it's the only labor I know. Because, babies don't like to come out of me. They like to stay in. Until they're 9 lbs 6 oz. And eight days late.

Happy Friday!


the lady of the house said...

Oh darlin' ~ Babies don't like to come out of me either :) My husband says it's because I'm like their Cadillac and it's so warm and cushiony and comfy. He's sweet because I'm not a small girl - I'm well... bigger and he says those skinny girls aren't as comfortable of a "ride" as I am. He says my boys have "a pretty fly ride" Ha! Dork. Always made me feel good though. You'll do amazing. Praying for you.

The Lady

Megan said...

You're going to do amazingly well.

And that baby is going to be exactly, precisely, who you wanted.

Praying for you too. xxx

Visty said...

Ten hours?? If you go ten whole hours with your fourth baby I will be amazed! It will be over before you've got all your paperwork in. xoxox