Wednesday, October 13, 2010

and a week later...

He's here.

And he's amazing.

I remember when I was pregnant with our second baby how afraid I was that I couldn't love another baby as much as I loved my first baby....and how someone had told me this:

With your first child, it's like love is being poured to overflowing into a cup. It's so much love that it's spilling out in every direction. There isn't any way you can add more love to that cup. Which is why - before you've met your second, third, fourth baby - you can't fathom loving another just as much. Where would the water go? The cup is already full! But you don't have to worry! You are not adding more water. You are adding a whole 'nother cup.

I have four cups.

Filled to overflowing.


Anna said...

This is PERFECT! I definitely felt this sameway. Thank you for putting in in such simple words. I hope you don't mind if I pass along this wisdom :) You are inspiring!

Micah said...

congrats! Kara shared the exciting news with me. I love what you said's SO true!

kara said...

Well said, Katie!

redeemed diva said...

I'm so happy for you. I was praying for you and your delivery and recovery! So glad that you are in love!!!

Sami Jo said...

Congratulations, deary & God Bless you and yours