Sunday, November 28, 2010

the tree

I used to use only white ornaments to decorate the tree.
It was beautiful.
I scoffed at the idea of little hand made ornaments---perhaps I'd have a second tree hidden in the basement for such things.
Then I had children.
Whose little hands make ornaments.
And the tree takes my breath away.


poppa said...

and it will forever and always. it will also get better each year as more love is hung up for all to enjoy. that and the decorating will be a time of Christmas music, sodas all around and pizza...great memories to be made

kara said...

I also love the 'cluster' of ornaments in one spot on the bottom branches~ never thought I'd let my boys 'decorate'! the handmade ones too! I also thought I'm going to need a bigger tree the older they get! :) Rick you are right....great memories being made!