Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grandma Bernice

When I married my husband I inherited his Grandma Bernice.  She is one of my most favorite people in the whole world. 

She gave me this mug for my birthday, and I drink my morning coffee from it everyday.  It makes me so glad.  Who doesn't love Holly Hobbie?!  It says, "Start each day in a happy way."  So I do.

Yesterday was a VERY special day. 

Our mail lady delivered our mail to us seven hours early because she had a package for us that was marked "perishable" and it was a million degrees outside.  The package was from Grandma Bernice.  It contained donuts.  Donuts!!!  Old fashioned cake donuts

I don't have a picture to show of them, because we ate them all. 

And now, a little story about Grandma Bernice's donuts:

Yesterday, my two and a half year old brought me the donut he had taken several bites out of and said, "here, mom." 

I took it, thinking "Hmm.  Maybe he doesn't like donuts?  More for me!" then asked him, "Is this for me? Are you done?  Can mommy finish this donut?"  (Because it would be a shame to waste any!)

He said, "Sure, mom."

So I ate it.

And then he said, "Can I have a fresh donut, mom?"

He had dropped the one I ate on the ground. 



Nonna said...

Hahahahahah!! Such a great little D story :) What an awesome Grandma Bernice is - you are all very blessed to have her. Love and hugs ~

poppa said...

Oh David, he is too precious and precocious. it doesn't get any better than fresh old fashion donuts, so even not so fresh ones are great!!! thanks for a great laugh.

Anonymous said...

heheheheh!!! david :0
i would love to get a package of grandma donuts....

NLWilliams said...

when it comes to precious family baked goods, I think that a 5-second rule definitely applies :)