Friday, October 14, 2011

the real

I took a picture this afternoon.  But I feel too lazy to pull out the camera cord so I can upload it.

The picture is of my sofa.  Couch.  Davenport.  Whatever.

There are powdery hand prints all over the seats.  Why?  Because my son's lunch was a donut.  And you know what?  So was his breakfast.  He ate both of them in front of the couch, all classy-style.

And to be completely honest the reason we even have donuts in the house today is because it's Friday. 

A friend and I decided last April to walk every weekday morning.  At FIVE a.m. 

Because we're total rock stars, we started running  at some point in May.  Eventually we were walk/running a 5K every day.  That's right.  A 5K.  Impressed?  Hold on.

When school started, we decided we should cut back to meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  And then it started to get a little cold and one or both of us started having achy joints.  So we decided we would quit with the running and just walk fast.

That went well. 

Until we decided that we should walk really fast on Monday and Wednesday, and then Friday instead of meeting to walk, we should meet for donuts. 


That's what we do. 

I've lost exactly zero pounds.

But, it's my favorite new reason to wake up at 5 a.m. on a Friday.   


Nonna said...

What a great friend you have found. Doughnuts are a circle of happiness. Just ask Grandma B or any of her g-kids. 1437

Visty said...

hahaha! I would go walking for donuts with you every day.