Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Three days in.

We're back into the rhythm of our schedule. 

Daddy at work.  Big kids at school.  Little kids at home.  Mom/my...you know....still doing whatever it is I do. 

Trying to find some words to share in this space.

I'm going to make this year an authentic one.  Is that an Oprah thing to do?  I'm not intending to do it in an Oprah sort of way.  I want to be real and honest.  I want to be fully present in my life.  For whatever reason, I find myself floating through my days, hovering above the surface.  This will be the year that I stop floating.  And figure out whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing. 


Laura said...

Keep doing what you are doing: amazing mom, great friend, art galore, and helping some very special girls understand the bible just to name a few things you do. :)

Visty said...

I'm with you.