Friday, November 9, 2012


My boy turned eight today. 

When he was born I felt a mix of overwhelming love and complete panic.  I grew up with sisters.  I had a daughter.  I understood girls.  And girl stuff.  Boy stuff?  A mystery.

But, oh the love a mother has for her son.  I would hold him and look into his beautiful blue eyes and wonder what kind of man he would one day become.  What would he be like?  What would he think about?  What would he do?

His first Christmas I heard a song about Mary and her baby Jesus and I wept with an understanding that I hadn't known before. 

This boy...

...this boy that on the day he learned to crawl, he crawled all the way to the top of the stairs.  Baby gates!  And when he learned to pull to a stand, he pulled to a stand on top of the sofa...

...I had turned my back for two seconds (which is the beginning of almost all the stories of his babyhood) and the above is what I found.  *It should be noted that the camera was RIGHT THERE, and I knew I needed evidence of this moment for posterity.  **Also, I removed him right afterwards. 

He has always been so curious.  He is so smart.  Like, this kid could be a rocket scientist.  Except for the fact that he's going to fly Blue Angels.

And the cliche about boys being so different from girls?  Is one of the truest.  Different - but not in a bad way.  In the most wonderful way. 


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Anna said...

I love this. So true.