Thursday, January 8, 2015


Today had all the makings of a bad day.  Mittens that felt funny, bloody noses, last minute bathroom trips.  Slowly things started to turn around. 
It's a terribly blustery day today.  I love terribly blustery days.
: : : :
On Saturday, as I was leaving home to run some errands, I got a call from a girlfriend.  She was at a thrift store. Could I come and look at a dining room set she found?  Was it different-cool or different-yuck?  It was different-wonderful.  Also, these chairs were there.  So I brought them home to my little old lady living room.

When my dad died, I felt the need to make all sorts of drastic life changes.  We did not move.  I did not get a face tattoo.  But we did get a dog.  I looked for Naida the Scottie.
But couldn't find her.  But I did find him...

Scotty the Schnauzer.
: : : :


Nonna said...

Some change is very, very good. Give Scotty another snuggle from me oxo

annie tidd said...

I love this ♡