Sunday, February 25, 2007


Not exactly the type of project I was planning on undertaking, but necessary and exciting all the same.

The (nearly devastating) bunk bed nightmare of a girlfriend prompted our debunking. (Praise God, He is good!) Little Mister now has an even bigger Big Boy bed. And Little Miss is thinking thoughts of draping canopies of gauze- Princess Style - to fill the newly vacant air above her bed.

While I never worried about the safety of the beds...blissful ignorance to be feels right to have two big kid rooms. Big kid beds. No worries. Now every playing surface is 2 1/2 feet aff (above finished floor - shout out to the chapter on hold) or lower. As long as no one is playing on top of a dresser. Hmmmm. Something new to worry about, I suppose. Perhaps today will be one of anchoring all furnishings.

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