Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

We went to a lovely Good Friday Service at our church tonight. It was so meaningful. So beautiful.

The service was closed with Communion. There were several tables placed near each exit. Pastor explained that we could partake either personally, as couples, or as families--they had plates with which we could collect the bread and wine (juice) and bring them to our seats. Aaron and I quietly discussed and opted to partake as a family. He went to the Table, and gathered our portion. We encircled the kids and reminded them of what each element represented. This was both Little Miss and Little Mister's first communion experience. Typically, they do not partake of the Sacrament, but tonight felt special.

We explained The Body that was broken for us, and we ate the bread. We explained the cup, that Jesus' blood was shed for us. Little Miss made a face. Aaron explained that this cup was filled with juice, not blood, as a representation. L. Mister said, "I want to taste some blood." It was all we could do to hold the moment together.

We drank. We prayed. I tried not to cry.

It was so beautiful.

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