Sunday, April 15, 2007


It's been such a nice weekend. We've been enjoying nice weather once again. I've been out tinkering in the garden, and have started some peas, tomatoes, sweet peas, and carrots inside. The peas are coming in gangbusters. The kids are having such a great time watching the little pots come to life.

I had an opportunity to sneak away for a few moments by myself the other day. I stopped in a great little shop, and nearly bought a crackly yellow and green shutter. I couldn't imagine a place for it in that moment, so didn't buy it. Since coming home, I have imagined it in about 6 different arrangements and configurations around the house, so I think I'll go back and rescue it tomorrow.

If I can get the pictures to load to the computer, I'll get some posted so you can see what the shutter ends up being. There was also a lonely little ladder living next to the shutter in the shop, so that might need to come and live here, too. Still not sure about where to put that one.

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