Sunday, May 27, 2007

Silly things

I was remembering the other day some of the silly things I used to do when I was little. While I find my children's nuances are adorable, I am a bit less kind when remembering my own childhood quirks.

My sisters were cut from the same (sometimes dorky) cloth. The epitome of our dorkiness came while driving in any city with tall buildings. My father has a terrible fear of heights. With this bit of information, and the spirit of one-up-manship, we would be on the look out for the tallest of buildings.

Oooooh! There's a tall one, "Hey, Daddy! How would you like to jump off of that building?"

With exaggerated trepidation, "Oh, no. I would not like to jump off of that building. Waaaaaay too scary."

Then someone else would spy another tall building, and this conversation would play out over, and over, and over again.

I am so glad my children only ever ask, "How much farther?"

Am I the only one that was a bit dorkish as a child?

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nichelle said...

i was so dorky, that i feel sorry for myself as a kid :( picture at age 8...permed hair...HUGE buck teeth...raised by my grandparents, so not the most fashionable kid...ok, now that you kind of have a friend, robin, and i would go swimming at her house and boy did we love the new kids on the block...well, we would jump off of the diving board and scream "joey joe!" (the whole time we were there) and as if that is not embarrassing enough, her whole family would be at the edge watching us...and boy did we think we were cool...and i just wonder what they were thinking while watching us! and then i have one little brother and i would put on puppet shows for people while we were in the back seat of the car...with cabbage patch kids...and my brother had a set named chad and shawn...don't worry...he is totally normal and married with children, but boy were we dorky! oh and we had a word that we used constantly that we thought was spanish...we would say "coomasala?" in question a conversation in spanish would go as follows "coomasal?" "coomasala?" "coomasala?" and so forth...