Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The time has come for my driver's license renewal. In years past, I have been forced to show an unflattering photo of myself *far too often* to a complete stranger. The horror.

Every time I renew, I think, "Try and smile, look thin, but natural, happy, but casual...and innocent." I had one nice DL photo, but it was only for a short while after I got married, and I needed to renew it only a few months later. BUT! The picture was good. I liked showing that one. And of course, because I had just wed, I was thin, and didn't need to lie down my weight. ;)

I am sitting here planning my outfit, my hair style, while practicing a natural smile. Not too big. Not to wrinkling.

Now about the weight; Can you just put the number you are hoping to weigh sometime in the 4 years you'll have the card? Or what you used to weigh when you were 12? Or your weight minus appendages?


Jan in PA said...

Oh, this is so close to home! I've been known to drive with an expired license because I was growing out a bad haircut.

I've been known to cut a vacation to Canada one day short because I remembered my license expired that day and I was afraid to be stuck there.

I also 'lost' a license with a horrible grin on it and applied for a replacement.

I'm proud to announce that maturity has set in. My license, that expires July 16, has already been replaced with a new one.

Thought I'd do it quick, before senility set in or I gained another 25 pounds!

Brambleberry said...

Too funny, Jan. I love it!