Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wednesday night is Kid's Club night for us. I've been helping out in this ministry for a few years. (I like to be actively involved in whatever my kids are doing....because I love them, and because I am controlling with high needs.)

Last night, the kids were learning about the different names of Jesus. They learned that names have meanings. That those meanings can describe certain attributes about a person.

Part of the activity at the end of the night involved the meanings of the kid's names in our group. The leader had looked up every one's names and the kids had so much fun hearing that their names meant things like laughter, handsome, warrior and purity.

One child's name meant "clever."

"Does anyone know what 'clever' means?"



...a little hand is raised. The hand of a little boy. A feisty little boy.

"Yes? What do you think 'clever' means?"

"Well. If you and I were in a fight. And we were kicking each other. And I threw some paint on you. And you ate some of that paint. Then you would say, "huh. He's a clever one!"

(I should say so.)


redeemed diva said...

haha! That's awesome. You should send that in to a magazine!

Heather said...

Thank you for the laugh today!

LocustSt said...

fun. :D

I believe one of the rooney children will be joining in on that fun next year.

kara said...

I think they named him right! I love it, sounds like something my boys would say!