Saturday, January 16, 2010

debt collection

Many years ago, a certain someone promised to take me to a play, or an opera, or an orchestral concert, as a thank you for watching so much baseball my eyes nearly bled.

I'm still waiting.

And you would not believe the interest that has accrued.

Compounded, even.

Let's just say a trip to Italy may be in order.


Anonymous said...

That certain someone has arranged for dinner at Mendes (Seinfeld) on several occasions only to have Brambleberry order the salad.

Nonna said...


poppa said...

I will volunteer our services to watch your little ones, to make your special day even more so. FOC even

the lady of the house said...

Well Valentine's Day is coming up! Maybe "they" can do something nice - maybe not Italy - but something to go toward that debt... :)and really salad? really?

Camie said...

Love it! Made my day! Blessigs to you!