Tuesday, February 2, 2010

blessed assurance

I've been imagining my life as a fragile object nestled in a web of delicate threads. The threads are composed of strong fibers that have been suspended from a wooden frame, held by a strong hand.

Life's events make this fragile object sway. Sometimes one or two delicate threads splinter and break....causing an uncomfortable shift in the balance. When a shift occurs, I can try to make adjustments myself. There are times when self-adjusting seems to work. However, more often than not, self adjustments only make the problem worse. Because I am not looking from the outside in. I am feeling from the inside out.

I find that I am much better off when I allow the strong hand to correct the balance. And I need to be patient when that strong hand lets me learn about trust and dependence while remaining imbalanced. Because He does have two hands. One to hold the frame. And the other to hold this fragile object.


the lady of the house said...

Wonderful Post! So weird that this song is what I heard yesterday and my post is about today! I love this song, it's wonderful and you're simply a delight :)Hugs, The Lady

LocustSt said...

It reminds me of going on a ropes course...completely terrifying!!.. and it's not until the very end they have the zipline.. that's when your balance and fancy foot work have no more control on your outcome... you've got to throw all caution to the wind and drop your weight down on the harness because it's the ONLY way to get out of the circumstance(!!)It's not until then you realize...as you're zooming down... that "hey.. this thing can actually hold me!!" and then you're finally able to enjoy yourself. If you had that experience FIRST the rest of the ropes course and all it's scary, dangle-y moments wouldn't have been so scary because you knew that rope was going to hold you and even if you slipped everything would be alright. And once your feet are on the ground you feel like you could go back and do the whole thing over again...(and this time not take three hours to do it).. of course you choose not to.

But then time passes and you are forced to do another ropes course.. and it's again body numbingly paralyzing because we forget what we've experienced in the past... that we're totally safe...and it's again not until we drop all our weight down on the harness that we have fun.

I didn't mean to turn this into an "our daily bread" lesson. It was more of a connection for myself then anything.

In saying that... please don't invite me to a ropes course. yuck.

Brambleberry said...

What a great analogy, Kristy. Thanks for sharing. I would be THE LAST person on the face of the planet to ask you to do a ropes course....although, are we needing ideas for next year's MomTime? ahahaa!!

fairmaiden said...

lovely blog.

redeemed diva said...

Where was i that I missed this post earlier this week? So great! And wow-wee look at your photo. Thank you! I've been wondering what you looked like for the past three years (has it been three years?! we need to have a party!) Anyway , I knew...just knew you had to have dark hair like me. I just knew it (pls don't burst my bubble and tell me that you've dyed it) Anyway, you are a gem. So glad i stumbled on this blog. That sounds like the work of a strong hand, eh?