Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last night when my husband fell asleep on the couch, I covered him with a blanket. I took our tiniest tiny baby to bed with me, and anticipated the morning. Our Big Tiny Baby now has a big boy bed. Which means, when he wakes up at 5:30 he can get himself out of his room and well on his way to start his day. Namely, scooting himself downstairs and demanding milk.

Last night, I imagined him at the top of the stairs at 5:30 seeing his daddy down on the couch, and going straight to him for the milk. I imagined me sleeping until 10 with my tiniest tiny baby. I imagined a world with calorie free boneless chicken wings from Applebee's and peace and brotherly love.


5:30 am --A sound! It is Big Tiny Baby. He is awake. He is at the top of the stairs. He is scootching down the steps. He sees his daddy. He goes to his daddy. He tells his daddy "Hi, Daddy." Daddy does not wake up. Big Tiny Baby comes back up the steps. In a few seconds I hear, "Hi Mom."

"Good morning, Buddy," I say.

And then, I become a genius, "Do you want a donut? Go and ask Daddy for a donut. He will bring you for a drive to get a donut." (Three of his most favorite things: Daddy, Donuts, Drives)

But then! My genius plan backfires....Big Tiny Baby(2.5) is excited by this. And wakes up the entire house (with the exception of Daddy on the couch--naturally) with loud talks of drives and donuts .

However! My boy (6) is reminded upon awakening that he and Daddy had planned a morning drive. In 3 seconds he is dressed for the day with all the gear he needs for the aforementioned drive. My girl, not to be left behind--and now hungry for donuts-- is ALSO dressed and ready for the drive AND she's made her bed.

I summon my energy reserves and slither out of bed. I make the other beds. I change two diapers. I start the coffee. I wave as four of my most favorites drive off into the sunrise towards donuts.


Anna said...

Oh how I love this.

sjb-roso said...

Thanks for writing my friend!

Visty said...

I hope they brought you a donut.

Anonymous said...

love this kate!!
and i can just hear david :)
love you akt