Thursday, May 19, 2011

slow down you move too fast

It's been a little while.
I had a bit of a computer virus last week. The week before? I don't remember. I was forced to go a lot of days without this connection to the outside world. It was a lonely time, friends. A lonely time. My husband has been busy with school and baseball. And writing papers. So it's been me and the kids and the kids and me many a night in May. Good times.
Since then, my eeny tiny baby girl, turned nine.
That is half way to eighteen.
Fifteen minutes ago she looked like this:
Look at those eyes. My goodness. I didn't know my capacity to love until I had her. And once she was born and looked at me with those eyes, my insides turned all squishy and I began to say things like, "honeysugarpumpkinbutternoodleumpkins." Love trumps grammar and proper words.
I became so very aware of time. And how quickly it passes. Do you know how many times I've written about that? I don't either. But it's a lot of times. Because it's all I think about.
I've had three more babies since she was born. Three boys. They're wonderful. You just have no idea. These boys and this girl. My heart is so full.


Visty said...

She is such a sugar lump here!

Anonymous said...

and oh the TIMES we have had, and her looking at a sunset and saying that "God made it just for us to look at", we are blessed, because she is and you are such an incredible remarkable talented and deep gift

Nonna said...

~ amen to the above ~

Anonymous said...

now i am crying...
love my little molly doll :)