Friday, April 12, 2013

h k j a

Growing up with three sisters was pretty great.  There were always socks in someone else's drawer when there were none in your own.  If you hated all your clothes, you just walked to the next nearest closet and picked something out.  And if your sister got mad, you reminded her that if she didn't share, neither would you.  Same thing with shoes, bikes, makeup, hairspray...
If you started too get full of yourself, you always had someone who would help you deflate.  But if you were having a rough day, they would help make it even rougher.  Kidding. 
I was only four, but I remember when my babiest sister came home from the hospital.  We pulled blankets around the floor of her crib to be near her while she slept.  And we had to be very quiet until she woke up.  So we quietly jiggled the crib, hoping she would wake up and we could hold her.  Our real live baby.
Today is her birthday. 
She's 31. 
We're all old ladies now. 
Time for burgundy hair and big jewelry.


Tember said...

I adore the picture of you two and love the sweetness of sisters. Happy birthday, Annie!

Tember said...

Um...not "two" but "four" typing hands aren't connected to my brain today!

Nonna said...

It was yesterday. And only God knows how often I wish it were today. I love you to the moon and back a google X 10 zillion times. OXO

Anonymous said...

love you big old lady sister :)