Tuesday, April 2, 2013

no chickens

We like to pack up our crew after baths and jammies and drive out into the country.  We look for things like deer and hawks and fox and coyotes. 

And land.

And houses.

With sturdy old barns to convert into a workshop and studio.

It's fun to dream about 'one day.'  Sometimes I imagine that we'll drive by the perfect place, on the edge of a hill, partially surrounded by a grove of trees with a river running through it...and that Santa from Miracle on 34th street will be standing out in front and he'll toss us the keys.  It'll have a golden retriever puppy and some barn cats.  Maybe a little horse.  An old slow kind little horse.  Also a woolly sheep.  And a goat that likes to stand on top of things.  But no chickens. 


NLWilliams said...

I can just picture the scene...you forgot to mention the affable old gardener who lives above the garage and cares for all the animals and landscaping...and the jovial fat cook who does a little housekeeping and keeps the house stocked in calorically appropriate snacks and sometimes asks you at night if you would like her to tuck in the babies so you and your husband can sit a spell out on the veranda...

Brambleberry said...

I did forget! Wouldn't it be lovely?