Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fine Feathered Friends

Please meet our friendly (and not so friendly) fowl.

A mama and her baby: Polly Stiprah and Sally Ander, respectively.

And the snarky and snively (shout out to Harriet Oleson), Selfish Duck.

(My future grandchildren may have some really unique names.)


Molly said...

I've had a thing for birds lately... they now don my wedding invitations. My favorites are the fat wooden birds that fit into the palm of your hand, sold at our local Scandinavian shop. I think I was better with names when I was little too... It's the child's ability for wonder.

Brambleberry said...
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Brambleberry said...

Whoops...don't know what I just did there...

Gotta love fat wooden birds. My favorite wedding gift to give are little iron birds from Target. A small flock of them. I should probably stick to the registries. (But really, who doesn't like little birds?!)