Wednesday, June 6, 2007

No t.v.

...well, one t.v. But it's little, and it's in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. You would be amazed at how little television we watch when there isn't one handy. I used to keep the set on, nearly all day, as background noise. Yuck. What was I thinking? Background noise is now soft music, or the quiet hum of the refrigerator. So much more pleasant.

The kids do more playing. I do more reading. My husband and I do more conversing. It's great. SO. GREAT.

And! There are far more furniture configurations that will work when I don't have to allow for t.v.viewing. Woohoo!!


Beebee Mod™ said...

We have one tv also in our whole house. And just basic cable, no direct junk. People are amazed by this, or just plain stumped by our lack of technology. I love it. It is good to know others share the same view. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Katie said...

I have one TV a corner of my little living room, and I don't even have basic cable. We just use it to watch DVDs occasionally. How nice to plan your viewing, and to do it only on occasion, instead of just mindlessly having it on all the time.