Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I was doing my morning vacuuming, and had taken the broom attachment off to reach behind the stove, when I remembered a mental note I had made for myself a few weeks ago...

We had some friends over for dinner, when I looked up and noticed (*gasp*) that there were 3 dead ladybugs and one dead box elder beetle in my chandelier. Of course I hadn't taken the time to notice them before that point, and I tried really hard not to look up at the fixture (so as to call attention to the deceased) for the rest of the evening.

That night, my radar was on, and I also noticed several of those little string like cobwebs hanging like delicate garland across certain points of the room. (My goodness, do I never clean?!) I'm sure that none of my guests even realized the scuzziness around them...or if they did, they made their own mental notes to check and see if they'll still be there the next time we have them over...and to be CERTAIN to check if they had anything hanging around their own places when they got home.

Well I can clearly remember that evening how I was GOING TO REMEMBER to get out the vacuum first thing the next morning and get rid of all the junk. But as is typical for me, I didn't remember until this morning.

Dead bugs: Check

Cobwebs: Check

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