Monday, March 17, 2008

Number three

We're all so excited. Both the kids are pumped, and arguing who's bedroom the baby will sleep in when it gets here (mine). :)

However, while this is still magical and wonderful, it somehow feels....I don't know..."old hat" sounds awful....but there's something about the telling of others that is different with this one. (Kara, I am calling you this afternoon.)

I'm hoping my lack of elated copious phone calling doesn't give the wrong impression. I'm excited! Thrilled! Getting my mind ready to do it all over again. Are things just this different the third time around?

We've told a few key people (the grandparent's), and I'm hoping that the grapevine will take care of the other wonderful key people. It's too bad they all don't come here. Although, the thought did cross my mind....doing a quick post like I did, and then just sit back and let the time pass....that didn't feel quite right. Better get on the horn.

I think I might need something for energy first. But, I'm out of pickles. The humanity!!


Smellyann said...

Congratulations, Katie-did!!

betty r said...

Make sure you get a case of pickles next time you go to the store!

Rick said...

from experience from the "other side" each pregnancy is was a wonderful miracle. the sense of wonder was replaced by thoughts of the miracle growing inside mom and the joys the new life would bring to our family. Enjoy, we are here and near for you, a phone call away.

kara said...

I'm still waiting for my phone call! Congratulations, even of I had to read it on your blog! October is a good month to be born...right Rick?!

Jean said...

What a blessing--congrats!