Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pigling Bland

My daughter woke me up this morning. She had had a bad dream. But, didn't want to talk about it. It was too scary.

I allowed her some time to process, and then gently asked a few questions.

"What was the dream about?"


"Who was in the dream?"


"Oh." (Holding back the giggles.) "Were you in the dream, too?"


"What happened?"

"Well, some of the pigs were really boars. Some were really pigs. One was a nice pig. One of the boars pounded on the door, it was locked, and yelled, 'Mother! Father!'"

(trying so hard not to giggle, but let one small snort sneak out) "Were they wearing clothes?"


"I see."

"Then a boar ran up to us [she and the nice pig] and he [the nice pig] pushed him."

(at this point, I had a full-on case of the giggles.)

She realized just how silly it all was and we decided to start our morning. It had occurred to me, that last week I had gotten them a lovely Beatrix Potter movie in their Easter basket. "The Tale of Pigling Bland."

So I asked her, "Was the nice pig like Pigling Bland?"


Aha. It was a pretty scary movie. (sarcasm)

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Anonymous said...

this sounds like someone I grew up with . . . I just can't put my finger on who it is? HHHMMMMMM