Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, I got this great cookie tip, and thought I would share.

Now, typically when I bake cookies, it's the staple Nestle recipe for chocolate chips. The cookies are always edible (of course, who ever met an unedible cookie?!) but they are NEVER as good as my sister's, who also uses the Nestle recipe. Never. What's my deal?!

I was cookie talking with some folks the other day. This guy says, "You have GOT to try Kristy's cookies. They're amazing."

So I talk to Kristy. What's the deal? What do you do differently than me?

Well! She starts with the basic recipe, but uses melted butter and two extra egg yolks.


I'm trying it right now. I can smell the cookie smell, and I am hoping (HOPING!) that these turn out well. Beyond well. I want these to be you-have-got-to-try-Katie's-cookies good.


Yes. They are gooooooooooood. I would take pictures, but I used the pans that buckle. So they kind of melted together....not a photogenic bunch....but perfectly textured, fluffy and delicious.

Now I just need to get me some unbuckling pans.


betty r said...

Ok girl, you get those new pans and show us some cookie pics!

redeemed diva said...

Ohhhh, those sound like some good "I-gotta-try-some-of-Katie's cookies. I'm hungry right now!
Thanks for the tip

Heather said...

Finally a tip to help me make regular looking cookies. Mine are always so flat that you can count how many chocolate chips are in them. Looking forward to trying this out :)

Jessie said...

AHA! Thank you for the tip!

Rick said...

they tasted like 5, they would have tasted like more but that was all that was left. ABC... DELICIOUS