Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm getting a new sink. And faucet. I can't wait! Only, what was originally slated to take my super husband 2 hours, has become a two day affair. He's handling things pretty well. I've heard a few grumbles here and there.

He was sold some wrong parts that have the wrong threading to connect to some kind of dealy-ma-bob. He discovered that during a conversation with a wonderful hardware store owner this morning on his third attempt at keeping it local. Unfortunately, none of the hardware stores here have the right whatchamacallits, so he had to make a run to the next town over. To a big box store. Where he finally got all the right pieces to the puzzle. So in a few short hours, or a few more days, I'll have a shiny new sink and faucet. Hopefully. And my husband will be able to gaze at his Man of the Year trophy. Which is me. His trophy wife. Of course. *cough cough*

Editing to say that the new sink is in!

Here is the before:

(See how the old one had scuff marks? They would not come off. I tried everything. It looks horrible, I know. And the old fauctet? Same deal. They just never looked "clean" to me. Even though they were both bleached and scrubbed every day. --I have some issues. I'm almost embarrassed to put this old photo up, since it looks so bad. But, the bad one only makes the new one that much more wonderfulicious.)

Behold, the new:

I think I'm in love.


sjb-roso said...

Beautiful, Yeah Aaron!

Heather said...

That looks REALLY nice!! I bet it is fun to dishes in such a beautiful sink!

Anonymous said...


redeemed diva said...

Ohlala! I love it. And the little remarks about the whachama-thingies was a great laugh too!

Rick said...

aianother easy plumbing job that only takes 30 minutes on the DIY network, but we all know in real life it can be an all day project! Way to go Aaron! and you for only being an encourager. Can't wait to see it

Anonymous said...

love jen

Nonna said...

I can't wait to try it out...looks wonderful. You are two too talented, and as a team - w o w....look out! What could be next... = ]

Visty said...

Oooh! How wonderful! I love all the clean!