Thursday, April 3, 2008


I feel so boring. All I've been posting about is food. Which, honestly, is mostly what I'm thinking about these days. Besides my kids and my husband. Of course. Because I'm not entirely self-centered. Really.

The projects have been slowed. I took on a fix-it job for a friend. A weighted blanket. Several key lengths of thread had been pulled out of the blankie, and all the weights went to the sides.

(The blanket had been a life saver for them. Their great little guy has mild-ASD, and slept so poorly until someone suggested they try the magic blanket. Like a charm, he would go to sleep right away, and sleep through the night. The blanket provides a soothing, all over pressure, to calm his senses. I've thought about making one for myself....just working with it, I can just imagine how wonderful the gentle pressure must feel.)

When the Mama was telling me about it, said they were trying to find a seamstress willing to fix it, I said I would love to do it for them. Adjusting the weights, and pinning the seams back together went fairly quickly. The sewing has been very s l o w going. There are 25 columns, and it has taken me 4 hours and 2 sewing needles to stitch 8 of the columns. Who knew it would take so long to sew a strait line? I am trying to sew a few columns every day. I wanted so badly to quickly whip it back in shape so they could begin using it again right away.

Ah, well. Soon enough. Slowly but surely wins the race. A penny saved is a penny earned. In a tornado, even a turkey can fly.


redeemed diva said...

I loved the last few cliches! So great! hey, this weekend, I'm giving my blog an overhaul and one of my *new* features will be posting pics of my craving food--join me, if you like. I enjoy reading about your food stuff--I know that you aren't self-centered. Really. :)

betty r said...

My son has a weighted blanket..I can imagine there is a bit work in sewing it!!