Tuesday, August 5, 2008

staying home

I'm in a bible study over the summer with an awesome group of moms. Tonight's topic promises to be interesting. It takes a close look at "working moms"...not directly insinuating that God wants all moms to stay at home.....but leans in that direction.

I'm excited to hear the opinions of these women. We all have different experiences. Some work. Some stay home. Some work from home. Some want to stay home. Some want to work. And all of theses women know how to peacefully debate and discuss. I love the dynamic. The group has been such a safe place to vent and seek advice, to ask for prayer, to ask for clarification....I wish everyone could experience it. And I wish it would go on and on and on.

Anyhow, this last study has really prompted some deep thinking. Do I think God wants all mothers to stay at home? I don't. Do I think God wants me to stay at home? I do. At least for now. Do I want to be home? I do. Have I always wanted to be home? No. I was going to BE SOMEONE. Not that a mom isn't someone....but it wasn't on my radar when I had mapped out my future in the career of my choice. Motherhood was something I was going to think about after I became bigtime and hotstuff. But then I gave birth to bigtime and hotstuff.

So what's my take on staying home? I think that it falls into the category of personal convictions. I think it's a personal choice. A personal conviction. If God is prompting you to stay home, then stay home. If He's prompting you to work, then work. It's something to be decided by a husband and wife....for the good of their family.

Right now, this is where God wants me to be. But, just because He wants me here, doesn't mean He wants you here. And I would never try and push that on anyone. I haven't been given the job of handing out convictions.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this topic. Care to share what you think?


betty r said...

I feel so blessed that I could stay at home throughout the time my children were growing up. I know..not everyone has this choice.
Our children now say they are so glad that Mom was always there when they came home from school. We were on a tight budget but it was so worth it!

Anonymous said...

I think there are right reasons to work outside the home. . . God's call to serve in some way, help with finances to name a couple.

But I think working just to have "more" and a woman who puts herself above her children's needs are wrong (i.e. she's serving her own self-esteem, wants to be 'important' by her title or education).

wmpe said...

I agree, staying home or working is a personal conviction whether the conviction stems from a belief in God or from some other place. I chose to stay home despite my career orientedness once that little baby was in my arms. Even today with school age children I feel as strongly about raising my kids especially with the teen years around the corner - they need me, in a different way, but they do. We found a way so I could stay home and it was worth it. The divisiveness in this argument comes from both sides feeling threatend by the other side's choices. I don't believe if a mom works she is a bad mother or if a mom stays home she is an empty shell of a human being. It doesn't boil down to 'I am right and you are wrong.' Just don't neglect your children wherever you stand. And above all kids want to be with their parents. Wendy (silent follower of your blog, until now:))