Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's been one of those weeks. Little sleep. Little motivation. Lots of responsibility.

I'm just willing myself to keep going.

Keep putting the laundry in the machine.

Keep picking up the toys.

Keep vacuuming the house. (The Perler Bead love affair has ended.)

Keep on keeping on.

And tomorrow's Friday. Which means absolutely nothing when you are a mom. Your mom-ness doesn't stop for the weekends.


nonna said...

Praying today is a better day! 1437

emily said...

well said. saturdays are just like Mondays most of the time in mom world. my brain is still programmed from childhood that saturdays are good. better than the others. here's to hoping yours was, somehow.

Anonymous said...

friday means it's all just starting doesn't it?

by sunday (today) i'm done in.

rest, let a little bit go and get your groove back.

believe me it's all there when you come back.