Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have been wanting to get out the sewing machine for the longest time. But the days get away from me. And the machine remains untouched. Until yesterday. A girlfriend asked if I would be willing to sew a couple of simple curtains for her daughter's bedroom. Oh, girlfriend! You better know I'm willing to do that! It's like most's easier to do them for someone else than to do them for myself.

I pulled out the machine this morning, and am laundering the won't be long now, my sweet machine. Mama's getting ready.

I am so excited. It's been too long. Far too long.

I'm feeling a little more inspired than just curtains....I'm thinking those curtains will need a pillow. Or two. Or fifteen.


Lochlanina said...

I know what you mean about sewing for other people being easier to justify to ourselves... Sewing for myself seems, well, selfish somehow -- unless I've done five of six things for other people first.

nonna said...

I never got to see the cutains!!! Hope you are having fun with all your creating! Thanks for your help last night ~ 1437

Anonymous said...

mine sits patiently for me waiting. then i go through a spot of sewing. then it patiently waits again.

unfortunately, half finished projects continue to pile up.

good luck with your curtains!