Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on mothering girls


I picked up my girl from school yesterday. She seemed a little melancholy. Which is not totally abnormal...she is mine, after all...and we are genetically predisposed to bouts of melodrama and melancholy.

I asked how her day went.


Really? You look a little down.

Nah. I'm fine.

Were your friends all nice today? (This is a question I ask often, since she is a girl and girls are genetically predisposed to bouts of melodrama and melancholy.)

Yeah. Everything was fine.

I let it drop, but made a mental note to pick things up again at bedtime. (A very opportune time for honest reflection on the day.)

Bedtime rolled around, and I told a story about a little girl named me. How once my friends got mad at me for some silly reason....the wrong side pony tail, a skirt on the wrong day, what have you....and that to "make up" we needed to do "the friendship handshake." This was a new thing, and I did the handshake with a few of them, but not all of them, so all the handshakes were null and void. And we were not friends. It was after I was made aware of this, and followed proper protocol that things were mended and we were all friends again.


Ah, the joys of girlhood.

It was after my story that my girl remembered the finer points of her day. Mckenzi and Macensy decided they only wanted to play with each other because they had known each other the longest, and my girl couldn't find the other girls and kept bumping her knee. She was no longer friends with Kenci because of something that happened last week, and etc. et al. ltd. inc. Esq.

So, we prayed about it. She felt better.

I kissed her on the forehead and went to her door. As I shut off her light I told her I knew it would be okay again soon. And how did I know? Because it got okay again soon for me.

Sometimes soon is relative. This time soon only took a day.

Thank you, Lord

There are a few experienes I wish we could skip over. Girl drama is definitely one of them.


Visty said...

I'm not enjoying it one bit. Brenna is so not like that, so she just doesn't get it.

Your girl has the best girlfriend ever--you!

I miss you, btw.

Anonymous said...

this is our question too. it turns out that kindergarten can be brutal.

why did it not seem that way when i was there?

Jen said...

Amen! I wish I could have skipped over it too. Why can't they learn from us who understand! I love your little girl and will be praying for her and her friends.