Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm doing a few pieces for a green living event in town. Some girlfriends and I are pooling our creative resources, and each pitching in a few pieces for a "green baby" booth.

My contributions will be these. The frames are made by my husband out of 2 x 4s rescued from a building before it was torn down in the name of redevelopment. The fabric stretched over them are a mix of random scraps from my stash as well as repurposed old linens...table cloths, bedding, and curtains.

Inspiration found here.

I started by sketching out animal shapes, cutting the sketches as templates, then either tracing the template on the fabric and painting it, or cutting out the fabric and stitching it on the canvas.


sjb-roso said...

Super Duper Cute!!

Nonna said...

I LOVE these! They will brighten many lucky little kids' rooms! You will have so much fun being a part of this - enjoy!

Nonna said...

I hear some may be brightening up some VERY special child's room :) Can't wait!!! 1437