Tuesday, September 15, 2009

his famous apple crisp

We started a tradition a few weeks ago. It's working well.

Tuesdays, my girl makes dinner. My boy makes dessert.

Dinner tonight is cornbread and acorn squash with butter and maple syrup.

Dessert is my son's "famous apple crisp." (Self named.)

I let them take control over as many aspects as they are able. I encourage them to tweak recipes to make them their own. They both delight in "secret ingredients." (Usually vanilla extract or a blend of spices.)

The apple crisp was pulled out of the oven a bit before it could really get golden, only because the chef called it done. The apples are perfectly tender, and the smell is fantastic. He has only allowed one tiny nibble to test...patience is our virtue in the waiting.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a great tradition to start, and that apple crisp looks wonderful. I read back over your posts about your weight loss lifestyle change, and I am so encourage. I too am on the same journey.Maybe we can encourage one another. Jackie

Nonna said...

What a wonderful idea - what little chefs you will create and encourage! Way to go Mom!!! I especially enjoyed hearing about the 'famous' apple crisp :) No doubt most of his creations will be famous...I am excited to hear about them all.

poppa said...

I cant wait to be at one of their meals, I am sure they will taste very good. I would have loved to hear the running commentary of the young dessert chef as his creation came into being!

Anonymous said...

it's chilly here this morning so this looks perfectly yummy! i could eat it for breakfast of course.