Sunday, September 6, 2009

in the name of full disclosure...

....yesterday I fell off the wagon and into four packages of Little Debbie Nutty Bars. At 320 calories per package.

Um, the good news is that I ate a delicious salad for lunch.

And, that as I was sneakily opening the last package of nutty bars after washing up the noon dishes, I was smacked with the reality of what I was doing. So I called to my kids and gave them each a half and sent them out to play.

It's a bumpy ride on this road to healthy living.

I should get a seat belt.


Visty said...

Are you sure it's per package and not per nutty bar?

That Little Debbie is a bitch.

Brambleberry said...

Oh man. I should have looked. I'm not sure if it was per package or per nutty.

Anonymous said...

four steps forward, two steps back. four steps forward again.