Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a rose by any other name

Here I sit. Nearing week 26 of gestation. We know we are having a baby boy. The ultra sound lady kindly (ahem) included a photo with an arrow and such on our complimentary take home picture. Thanks.

While we are beyond thrilled to be welcoming another boy into our family, we have hit a snag. We have already used the only two boy names that we could agree on.

When we found out that our last two were boys, around the twenty week mark, we started referring to them by their names. I liked that. It sort of felt like we already knew them when they arrived. Their sibling(s) prayed for them by name. We talked about them. It gave a certain level of familiarity that was nice.

Plus, on some strange level, it soothed my controlling tendencies.

With the other kids, once we had chosen their name, it felt right. Right now it feels like I'm trying to force a name....and nothing is feeling right. The other kids have plain and simple and wonderful names. Who knew it could be so complicated to find a name to blend in to the mix?

Mary, Paul, John and Elliot.

(Those are not my kids names...but similar.....but you see how Elliot doesn't "go"? I like Elliot. It's too fancy for my husband. Which is the case for about every name I mention.)

Mary, Paul, John and Silas.

Mary, Paul, John and Nathan.

Mary, Paul, John and Benjamin.

Mary, Paul, John and Duncan.

Mary, Paul, John and Elias.

All of the above have been vetoed by someone I'm married to. And, because he teaches, 80% of names are already out of the question.

Who are you tiny baby?


SolaceMama said... is your friend. thew blog is full of brilliant namers that love little more than helping others.

youcantcallitit is also really good

BTW I have been reading your blog for quite a while. One day I am going to buy some art. ;) I think I found you through ICAN somewhere. Does that make sense?

MKMiller said...

how about a boy named Sue? :)

Brambleberry said...

Thanks for the websites...I will definately check them out.

I do like Johnny Cash....hmmmmmm.... :)

SolaceMama said...

Ha! My mom says:
or Peter. Then you could have a Peter,Paul and Mary :)

Heather said...


neeter said...

Ooh I like Seth. and Asher. and Kellen.

redeemed diva said...

Ok, my votes are:
Zane-jus cause I have a thing for z's!
Zack-z again!
Jeremy-I love the name it.
Claus--couldn't resist-haha! that does not go with Mary, John, Paul and ...
Jeffrey--that's my bro's name and we all call him Jeff or Jesse (there's a story there)
Martin John-Adore (my bro's name)
Alexander-I love even more
Jean-Luc--I'm just getting silly now