Thursday, January 15, 2009

a cleansing weekend

My kids will be otherwise occupied this weekend and I plan on attacking the excess clutter in both of their rooms.

I tried to put everything away yesterday to no avail. It's impossible. There is more stuff than place to put it. It's ridiculous. And criminal. A lady's gotta be able to push around a vacuum.

We have this little rule. Maybe it's a little bit unspoken....come to think of it, I don't know that I've given fair warning, which is not fair play....but I'm the mom, so I can do these things....

The rule I have with myself is that if anything is left out and small enough to get sucked up into the vacuum, then sucked up it becomes. We've lost many a Polly Pocket accessory in this manner.

Perhaps, I'll just bring the shop vac up there and go to town.


peeking out villa villekulla said...

You are just like Ben!.. okay.. let me rephrase that... your attitude towards stuff is similar. On any given day I will go to throw something away and see something VERY VALUABLE in the garbage because he had ruled it an unnecessary item. Many a small fight have stemmed from that habit of his. I have problems throwing away broken happy mean toys for goodness sake.

What did Polly ever do to you ya big meanie!! :P

peeking out villa villekulla said...

I can see my subconsciousness spilling in.... mean= meal ;)

Sally said...

blame it on Granny and Nanna- genetics gentetics!! Nanna used to clean house while we were sleeping , so to this day Uncle Charlie falls asleep to the sound of the vaccum- but to no inevitally when he wakes up the house still needs to be cleaned!! I remember coming to your house in Roseau too and your Mom on the floor "cleaning" your rooms!you were playing in another room so SHE did it while you were there- you had a GREAT teacher!!!!:)"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"!! So- You GO GIRL and SUCK it up!!!!!!

Sally said...

oops- i meant to say that when Uncle Charlie woke up the house was not "magically" cleaned up like it was when we were kids!! still remember te clean clean feeling- strive for it to this day!! Let me know how it goes- I will be cheering you on!!By the way cousins Meghan and Natalie are the same as you!!Yeah!!

dixie said...

I like your rule. Have fun w/ the Shop Vac. ;)

Anonymous said...

started this myself last weekend and it was too daunting a task that i must continue this weekend.

i knew it was necessary when i erupted the other day, saying:

"you get one toy each, and if you manage to put that one away every night, i'll give you a second one".

all right so, i don't always follow through.

hope this is going well for you!

and yes, i suck up polly accessories too. it feels oddly sinister and satisfying.