Tuesday, January 6, 2009

give me my {stimulus} money

The sky is falling!

Our economy is in the toilet!

Buy gold!

Keep your money in your underwear drawer!

Really? I mean, I know that we are all in economic hardship. And some people are SERIOUSLY facing hard times--and it's not their fault. But the majority of us are not doing that bad. You know? Sure, we've had to cut back. Cut back on eating out. Cut back on unnecessary spending. Cut back on family vacations.

Cut, cut, cut. Snip, snip, snip.

But all of those cut backs are on total frivolity. How many of us have had to sell our vehicles? (I'm not talking about a downsize.) How many of us have had to eat only rice and beans? How many of us are eating only one meal a day? How many of us are really hurting? REALLY hurting?

I get that the housing situation is a nightmare. And I'm sure some people are legitimately in trouble. But how many people bought too much home, just because they could? How many borrowed at the absolute maximum allowed, and put nothing down? How many took that adjustable rate mortgage, telling themselves that in 5 years when their ARM would go way up, they would be making more and could afford that increase?

How many didn't do their homework, and trusted that the banks knew best? That the banks had their best interest in mind. (Because banks -the big ones- are in it for the people. They care. They give a flying pig ear about the future financial stability of Donald and Susie Homemaker.)

I realize that there are exceptions to these rules. But, if we were all very honest, can we see that we are the only ones to blame? We are the ones that pay for car repairs with our credit cards. We are the ones that buy more Christmas gifts than we can afford, and then come up short somewhere else. We are the ones that spend the extra money on eating out, or new clothes, or games, or toys instead of putting our surplus into savings. We take big trips, buy big cars and keep up with the Jones', when instead we could choose to learn contentment.

Do we take ownership for all our mistakes?

Do we?

Or do we point the blame towards our nation's capital? Our electorate should have stopped us! We don't know what we're doing! The banks forced us to borrow! Am I supposed to wait until I have cash in hand to make a purchase? Was I supposed to WALK to work when my car broke down??! I don't like rice and beans! Should my children go presentless at Christmas?!!!!!

I am entitled to all these things!

You must figure out a way for me to have them!

Uncle Sam, I'll be expecting my check mid February. If you want my vote, you'll have to buy it from me.


poppa said...

bulls eye. nough said
Look within instead of to the government.

peeking out villa villekulla said...

Today on the radio they said that we are "in the greatest depression since the GREAT depression" in a run-for-the-hills type story. So either 1. The GREAT depression really wasn't that bad.. they were just a bunch of whiners! or 2. Our idea of going without has DRASTICALLY changed.

Mary said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

i may have an overly simplistic view of the world, but what happened to, "if you don't have the money, don't buy it", or heavens, "save for it".

this is why i don't understand this financial mess because imaginary money moved from stocks and business to business just boggles my brain.

can we give up on the imaginary money please?

i'm a single mother of two, working as a bank teller and let me tell you it's tough, but heck. there's not a lot we need we can't find here with each other.

though i won't turn down a check, thank you.