Thursday, January 29, 2009


An overbooked ENT/DERM department meant taking the first available appointment. The only opening happened to fall right at school let out. Thank goodness for grandparents that are near and willing to lend a hand. My mom came to the rescue and afforded me the luxury of going to my appointment with out any one in tow.

I arrived well over twenty minutes early. (It seems I get ready and out the door much more quickly by myself. Who knew?) The receptionist took my name. I took a seat. I took a breath. Then another. It felt unfamiliar to sit there alone....unfamiliar, but nice. Really nice. (I love my children.)

After several minutes of quiet reflection, I took a look around. Seven elderly individuals. One teenage boy and his mother. Huh. Ear. Nose. Throat. Dermatology. It took me several minutes to connect ears to hearing aids. I couldn't get past ear infections and ear tubes. You know, because you have to make up stories in your mind about everyone in the waiting room.

The boy and his mom were rather obvious. He was there for acne treatment. I'm sorry, young man. One day, you will be very handsome. I'm sure of it. Just ask your mother. I'm certain she would tell you the same. And she'll probably tell you on the way to your first class at college. Because, I'm pretty sure she's coming along with you. She has Helicopter Mother written all over her.

Once I figured ear = hearing aids, I thought I had all The Elderlies pegged. (I say Elderlies with love. I love Elderlies.) But! On closer inspection, I noticed several of them spotted with bandages. Aha! They were there for reasons similar to mine. You could tell the ones that needed hearing aid assistance. They talk louder. And say "Huh?" And then their wife says, "THAT WAS SUSAN. YOU KNOW, CARMEN'S DAUGHTER."

After assigning a story to everyone in the room, I decided to pass the time by reading. I hadn't brought anything along, so started to look for a good magazine. Hmmm. Slim pickin's. I'm not a huge Nick(alodian) fan. So, half of the reading material available in the room didn't pique my interest. But, neither did the 8 back issues of Arthritis Today. Time for more quiet reflection.

I thought random thoughts until it was my turn. The nurse thanked me for my patience. Are you kidding!? I was having a great time! Had it not been for the mole they cut from my arm, it would have been the highlight of my week. Like a spa. Without the massage and pampering and ambiance.


peeking out villa villekulla said...

I hope that it ends up being nothing! The main waiting room I'm in is for the pediatrician.. for my WELL baby checkups... always trying to figure out if the kids touching the same fish tank my kids are touching are harboring some flesh-eating infectious disease. Is it over at mayo they have one waiting room if you're sick and one if you're just having a check up? Seems a little bit like reality and a little bit like a dream. Great idea though.

Visty said...

I hear Arthritis Today has some very compelling articles on bunions.

Anonymous said...

what is life without sitting in doctor's offices, shopping malls or restaurants and creating lives for everyone you see?

I love sitting in restaurants and trying to figure out the family dynamics..

brother, sister?

boyfriend, girlfriend?

his family or her family?

second marriage?

torrid affair?

hope it all is well!